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Heya. I'm Linnea, but you can just call me Naya cuz it's easier for us all... Been here since summer, 2014, and loved it the whole time. I may be inactive at times, but I'll always come back to submit more photos, drawings, and fanfics, so PLEASE DON'T KILL ME IF I DISAPPEAR AT TIMES!!!

Anyways, thanks for visiting my page, guys! It means a lot! ^^
I'm a rebel, I don't post rules. Get over it.
10 Facts About Moi

1. I have recently been obsessively listening to Black Veil Brides.
2. My mother makes me commit to tons of things I don't want to do all in the name of "family pride." Yeah, it hasn't helped our relationship, since she's now forced me into 5 auditions and they weren't even on my preferred instrument- my voice.
3. I've been extremely cranky and stressed all week, but I don't think I really have anything worth being upset about in comparison to some really hard things my friends are going through... I just don't feel entitled to complain.
4. If it wasn't Friday today, I'm sure I would have started hitting people...
5. My baby is on her way back from Washington D.C. right now, and I really miss her.
6. I have insomnia and a sneaking suspicion that I may also be schizophrenic, which is a legitimate thing that runs in my family...
7. I keep getting told off for drawing on my arm, but it's the only way I can relieve stress, and my mum's been shoving a lot of that on me lately... She thinks I'll get ink poisoning despite the fact that only really old pens do that.
8. I just came home from an audition for a jazz band that I never wanted to join in the first place...
9. I'm really worried about a friend of mine who is self-harming, and I want to help her, but don't know what I can do.
10. I've been biting random things lately...
Questions for Me

1. What is on your mind? 
    The French baguette waiting for me in the kitchen and how the hell I'll manage to do Rivers Youth Orchestra, two jazz bands, Junior Central Districts, trombone lessons, Honors Chorus, Drama Academy, Cosplay Club, Writer's Club, and two school productions for Drama Club next year. And I only want to do half of this shit! ...And eat that baguette...
2. What is your real name?
    I don't wanna be stalked, so I'll just do my first name: Linnea.
3. Suddenly a wolf appears in front of you! What is your reaction!? 
    Adopt it and train it to attack anyone I haven't trained it to let live. I have too many unwelcome guests in my life.
4. If someone is sitting in a car in front of your house... what do u do 
    Get a cleaver, call the police, and lock myself in a bathroom with no windows for three hours with some screamo rock.
5. Why do people have to be so evil and selfish!?
    Because humans are little shitbags and we all only think about ourselves. Get over it. That's how the world fucking works. It'll never change, so don't bother trying.
6. ... Why are we on this earth?
    To fuck things up really badly, laugh about it, and when we've caused enough trouble, die.
7. What are the point of these anyways?
    To support the Procrastination Campaign for Homework-Hating Students, or the PCHHS.
8. (I have no more ideas, use any of the 10 questions Dsanyal321 asked people)…
    Make up your own ideas, you little bastard. If you don't know how to make questions, don't do tags like these!
    Missing question... Lazy little bastard...
    No, seriously, at least try to make a good question, dammit!
My Questions For You

1.) What's your favorite band?
2.) Do you have any leeches in your life you'd like to get rid of? Who are/is those/that people/person?
3.) Would you rather die of hunger or thirst?
4.) Do you trust your friends with important things? How about your family?
5.) How many languages do you speak, and which ones?
6.) What trait do you hate most in a person?
7.) Do you prefer your potato chips sour cream and onion, barbecue, or original? Or do you not even like them?
8.) Can you eat spicy food?
9.) How old were you when you first lost someone close to you?
10.) Do you think you're a good person?

I'm not tagging anyone... Do it if you want, or don't do it. It doesn't really matter... Just wanted to pour some feelings into something... Feel free to do the same
  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Black Veil Brides

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