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I am from Massachusetts, and I live there with my Mum, Dad, older sister, a guinea pig named Fudgie, and my two dogs, Buddy and Gidget. I have always loved art and music, and I donate much of my time to both. I currently sing, play the trombone, draw, participate in a drama program, and take photos. I love anime, photography, and anything to do with Doctor Who or Britain. My favorite color is TARDIS blue and my favorite food is PASTAAAAAAAA!

Journal History

Random tag I found... Looked like a good way to procrastinate from my homework, so I decided to do it...

001. Real Name: Linnea

002. Nickname(s): Naya and Nay-Nay

003. Zodiac Sign: Libra

004. Male or Female: Female

005. Nursery: ???

006. Primary School: Center School, Elmwood School, Hopkins School

007. Secondary School: Hopkinton Middle School

008. Hair Colour: Dirt Brown... 

009. Long or Short: Medium... I'm growing it out...
010. Loud or Quiet: Depends on who I'm with...

011. Sweats or Jeans: Sweats. They're more comfy.

012. Phone or Camera: Phone

013. Health Freak: Don't care

014. Drink or Smoke: Neither.

015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Only anime characters who don't actually exist in the real world...

016. Political orientation: I dunno yet... Probably Democrat...

017. Piercings: Not yet... I will get earrings and stuff at the end of the second trimester of this year, so long as my grades are good...

018. Tattoos: Nope.

019. Airplane: Love. It.

020. Car Accident: Not that I know of...

021. Fist Fight: Dunno... Something with my sister...

022. First piercing: None yet...

023. First Best Friend: First one I could really trust? His name is Derek, but he doesn't really talk to me anymore...

024. First Instrument played: Trombone. I still play now.

025. First award: I haven't done anything noteworthy... Yet...

026. First Crush: Kid named Michael. He was a jerk.

027. First Language: English. Working on Spanish and Italian now.

028. First Big Vacation: Le Grand Tour de Europe!


029. Last Person you talked to: My dad...

030 Last Person You Texted: I dunno... No one texts me much except for this one person who doesn't understand when I'm trying to sleep and when I'm awake...

031. Last Person You Watched: No one. I keep to myself...

032. Last Food You Ate: Apple.

032. Last Movie You Watched: ??? I dunno... I like anime better...

034. Last Song You listened to: Monokuro no Kiss

035. Last Thing You Bought: Pizza

036. Last Person You Hugged: I don't hug most people... I get hugged by a lot of people though...


037. Food: Pasta

038. Drinks:  Sprite

039. Clothing: Pajamas

040. Book: Edgar Allen Poe... Don't care what it is... Just something by him... Probably The Telltale Heart...

041. Colours: Dark blue, black, and crimson.

042. Flower: Does venus flytrap count?

043: Music: Japanese pop

044. Movie: Anything bloody, historical, and/or depressing...

(45. seems to not exist...)

046. Subjects: Drama, English, art, Spanish


047. [] Visited Paris

048. [] Went to london, the most beautiful city in the world

049. []  Started watching Hetalia, SNK, and Black Butler

050. []  Got into Japanese pop music

051. []  Drew lots of pictures

052. [] Wrote one fanfic and started another

053. [] Figured out which colors I want to paint my room now

054. [] Got almost no candy when I went trick-or-treating (Yes, I still do it...)

055. [] Watched season 8 of Doctor Who

056. [] Went to a spa in Iceland

057. [] Managed to not throw up even once!

058. [] Developed huge purple circles under my eyes

059. [] Drank about 1,000 gallons of tea

060. [] Discovered how much I hate research class

061. [] Memorized the first verse of Monokuro no Kiss (Which is an accomplishment, since I don't speak Japanese... Yet...)

062. [] Started learning Spanish

063. [] Joined DeviantART

064. [] Started working on a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream

065. [] Decided to never get married and just become a cat lady living in London

066. [] Avoided my family as much as possible


067. Eating: Nothing

068. Drinking: Nothing

069. Getting: Nothing

070. Listening To: Fantasia by Kalafina

071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Veg out and stop procrastinating on my homework

072. Waiting For: My purpose in life to become apparent...


073. Want Kids: Nope. Just cats.

074. Want To Get Married: Heck no!

075. Careers in mind: Dunno yet...


076. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

077. Shorter or Taller: Taller. I know it's better, cuz I know how miserable it is to be short.

078. Romantic or Spontaneous: Spontaneous

079. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Whaaaa???

080. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive

081. Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship

082. Troublemaker or Hesitant: Troublemaker (They're so much more fun)


083. Lost Glasses/Contacts: Nope

084. Ran Away From Home: I tried once...

085. Held A Weapon: Erm... Yes... Swiss Army Knife and a cleaver and a bow and lots of saws... Waaay too many saws...

086. Killed Somebody: ...Not yet...

087. Broken Someone's Heart: Yup... I just don't like other people enough...

088. Been Arrested: ...Not yet...


090. Yourself: No...

091. Miracles: No...

092. Love at First Sight: No...

093. Heaven: No...

094. Santa Claus: No...

096. Magic: No again...


097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Sebastian Michaelis...

098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Not at all... Maybe if my family was, I'd be...

099. Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I'm not with anyone...

100. Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People:

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