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Heya. I'm Linnea, but you can just call me Naya cuz it's easier for us all... Been here since summer, 2014, and loved it the whole time. I may be inactive at times, but I'll always come back to submit more photos, drawings, and fanfics, so PLEASE DON'T KILL ME IF I DISAPPEAR AT TIMES!!!

Anyways, thanks for visiting my page, guys! It means a lot! ^^
001. Real name → Linnea. Not tellin' ya mah last and middle names cuz STALKERZ.
002. Nickname → Naya, Nay-Nay, Lennar, and my favorite.... Linny!
003. Status → Uh... Student, drama nerd, weaboo, nut job, dating someone
004. Zodiac sign → Libra
005. Male or female → FEMALE
006. Elementary → Center School and Elmwood School
007. Middle School → Hopkinton Middle School
008. High School → Not there yet, but Hopkinton High School
009. Smart → I guess... Everyone else says I am, but I don't think so cuz my family compares me to my big sis and then I look like a Neanderthal...
010. Hair color → Medium to dark brown. It gets lighter in the summer when I get a lot of sun.
011. Long or short → Medium-short. I keep changing it, so this is inconsistent...
012. Loud or Quiet → Depends on who I'm with... If I feel like I can relate to the person a lot, I am OBNOXIOUS. If the person doesn't seem to have anything much in common with me, I am SILENT.
013. Sweats or Jeans → Both! ^^
014. Phone or Camera → BOTH
015. Health freak → Nah... I like my sweets, carbs, and snacky things too much, as well as my caffeine and lack of sleep.
016. Drink or Smoke? → Nope. Not legal age for icky stuff like that...
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → I'm dating that person, actually... Never thought I'd see the day, but yeah... *grins like an idiot*
018. Eat or Drink → I like fish and chips and mango lasses. Not together, but those are my two favorite bebidas y comidas.
019. Piercings → Just my ears. If I didn't live with my mother, there'd be more, but... well...
020. Tattoos → None... Just the random crap I draw on myself.
021. Favorite color → Purple. And black and red. But mostly purple. Mostly a symbolic thing, but purple is also said to induce creativity and it's just a generally pleasing color to me, so... Yeah...
022. favorite animal → Pugs. They are so fucking cute, goddammit!

023. First piercing → Ears. First and ONLY.
024. First best friend → Jessie. She's the one I've known the longest and who's stayed with me since I met her. You'd be surprised how many friends I've lost and how few I've ever actually had...
025. First award → I won a medal when I was five for gymnastics. I don't do them anymore, but it was a big deal when I got it...
026. First crush → First one I can remember is Alyssa... Didn't work out for me cuz she was trans, but we ended up being friends until she left public school... Now I almost never see her, and it's very awkward to talk to her because a lot happens in between our meetings...
027. First pet → Skooter. He was a good old dog...
028. First big vacation → When I went to Europe last summer. Other than Canada, it was my first time leaving the country...
030. First big birthday → I haven't really had a "big birthday..." Just little things with my family or a few close friends
031. First kiss → With my girlfriend... My mum forbade me to kiss until high school, and she doesn't even know I like guys AND girls, so there's a lot about that she doesn't know...

049. Eating → fried plantains
050. Drinking → nothing
052. I'm about to → read a chapter for english then go to bed
053. Listening to → nothing
054. Plans for today → the day is OVER
055. Waiting for → my family to SHUP UP

058. Want kids? → Yas... I'll probably end up visiting a sperm bank tho... Cuz of... Reasons...
059. Want to get married? → I hope to, I think. I used to not want to, but I think I've changed my mind...
060. Careers in mind → Writing movie scores, artist, musician, music teacher, actress, interior designer, screenwriter, playwright... ect.

068. Lips or eyes → eyes
070. Shorter or taller? -> I don't really care. I wish I were taller though... I'm a little Captain Levi way down here...
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Both. I am romantically spontaneous.
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Wut. I dunno, bro. Who pays attention to dat stuff?
074. Sensitive or loud → Both. I want someone who's not afraid to make noise, but they still need to be sensitive to things...
075. Hook-up or relationship → RE-LA-TION-SHIP
077. Trouble maker or hesitant → TROUBLEMAKER. Nothing to bad, though... No getting arrested or suspended or stuff like that...

080. Lost glasses/contacts → Don't use them
081. Ran away from home → I've tried before...
084. Broken someones heart → Yup. I do that often. Mostly by telling guys that I have a girlfriend... It's mildly hilarious. Alright, not mildly...
085. Been arrested: Not yet...
087. Cried when someone died → Um... Well, every time someone died when I was little, I didn't take it seriously, and didn't really take death seriously either. It was just one of those things that happened when you pretended to collapse during a game when someone pretended to stab you. I didn't realize that the person wouldn't just get back up. I didn't realize that I'd never see the person again. And I didn't really figure out that they were dead dead until a little later, at which  point I'd moved on, I guess... I didn't know those people very well, anyways... No one's died since then, so... Ya... Now I feel like a horrible person for saying all that...

089. Yourself → Sometimes... Depends...
090. Miracles → Nah
091. Love at first sight → No. If you can fall in love with someone before knowing their personality, then you're really just in it for sex. It's nasty and selfish and isn't really love.
092. Heaven or reincarnation → Nah...
093. Santa Claus ? → Do I look like a first-grader to you?
094. Sex on the first date → NO WAY.
095. Kiss on the first date → If you've been together for a while before actually going on a date, then yes. But if you're just getting to know the person, you're moving way too fast...

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → YAS. MAH BABE. X3
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → For now, I think I am. I don't usually feel this way, but today is just one of those weird, good days...
099. Do you believe in God → Nah
100. You are tagging: Nobody! X3

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack
  • Eating: Fried Plantains

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